Truck with Tarpaulin

Our fleet has many trucks with tarpaulin. They are used to fully charge… See details



Mega Truck with Tarp

We provide mega trucks type with tarpaulin, using semi trailers which can be loaded with a volume…

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Tandem Truck with Tarp

Tandem trucks with tarpaulin, unlike the standard, they can load separately, both in the truck and in…

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Trucks mega tandem

Mega tandem trucks with tarpaulin, can be loaded with semi-trailer and trailer separately. They provide…

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semiremorca frigorifica 24 tone


Refrigerated semitrailers

Refrigerated semitrailers provide transport for goods showing a high perishability. There are two…

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Vans (vans, tarpaulins)

Our fleet has many vans, van or canvas type. Some of them are equipped with hydraulic lift ….

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Van-uri (dube)

Acestea se folosesc în special pentru transportul rapid, curierat, livrări express şi distribuţie….

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